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Ginger Extract

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Name:Ginger Extract
Specification::5.0% 10.0% 40.0%Gingerols Test By HPLC
Efficacy::Digestive system

Product Description

1. Sources and Habitat

Ginger is a spice which is used for cooking and is also consumed whole as a delicacy or medicine. It is the underground stem of the ginger plant, Zingiber officinale. The ginger plant has a long history of cultivation, having originated in Asia and is grown in India Southeast Asia, West Africa and the Caribbean. The actual name for ginger is Root Ginger. However, it is commonly referred to as ginger, as the meaning is well known.

2. Descriptions and Specifications of Product
Content Specifications: 5% Gingerols Test By HPLC

Molecular Formula: C17H26O4
Molecular Mass: 294.38
CAS No.: 23513-14-6
Constitutional Formula:

Molecular Formula: C17H26O4
Molecular Mass: 294.38
Constitutional Formula:

Molecular Formula: C19H30O4
Molecular Mass: 322.43
CAS No.:  23513-08-8
Constitutional Formula:

Molecular Formula: C21H34O4
Molecular Mass: 350.49
CAS No.: 23513-15-7
Constitutional Formula:

3. Indications and Uses

It is used for abdominal bloating, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and rheumatism. Ginger is commonly used in the Ayurvedic and Tibb systems of medicine for the treatment of inflammatory joint diseases, such as arthritis.

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